MLS Co., Ltd. | Top 10 LED Maufacturer in the world

Founded in 1997, MLS Co., Ltd. of Zhongshannow ranks among the top 10 LED manufacturers in the world. With revenue approaching $2 billion, MLS LED manufacturing capacity is unmatched, exceeding 16 billion units annually. Its 12,000 employees are dedicated to innovation, quality and sustainability. MLS LED products serve global markets and include a wide variety of lamps and luminaires for indoor and outdoor applications.

MLS South Africa | Marketing arm of MLS Co., Ltd.

MLS South Africa, is the Marketing arm of MLS Co., Ltd. Forest Lighting is the brand name that belongs to MLS Co., Ltd. MLS | Forst Lighting manufactures and markets LED Lighting products including T8 and T5 Linear Lamps, BR Floodlights, LED Downlights, A19 Lamps, LED bulbs, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Candle Lights, LED Kitchen Lights and Troffers. Although highly affordable, Forest Lighting products meet rigorous performance standards and certifications, including Energy Star, UL and DLC for utility rebates.

MLS | Forest Lighting LED products are ideal for both retrofit and new construction projects. Our T8, T5, Downlights and Troffers are particularly suitable for home decor, offices, classrooms, retail space, industrial operations, warehouses, grocery stores, parking garages, and similar applications. Our T8 LED Linear Lamp is available in both ballast-compatible and non-compatible models. It is also available in an integrated model that connects up to 6M.

Forest Lighting offers the right blend of affordability, performance and design to replace fluorescent, halogen and low voltage light sources. LEDs can save 50% of lighting costs, reduce maintenance, and are made with sustainable materials. With Warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, Forest Lighting has immediately available inventory to serve any type of lighting project. Backed by the resources of one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world, Forest Lighting offers distributors, contractors, facility managers, designers and other lighting professionals the opportunity to specify and select LEDs that feature both affordability and high performance.

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With well-stocked warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, Forest Lighting is a phone call away. Our affordable LED lighting products, including T8, T5, BR Floodlights, A19s, Downlights and Troffers, can make the difference in the decision to save energy and move to modern lighting technology.

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